Best Bat Mitzvah Venue in Toronto

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Bat Mitzvah Venues in Toronto

Mazel tov! Your daughter is about to undergo an important rite of passage – her bat mitzvah. While she prepares and studies for the big day, you will need to decide what type of celebration to hold. This is a day for family and friends to come together to wish your blossoming daughter well on her life’s spiritual journey.
There are many ways to mark this milestone in your daughter’s life. You might opt for a small luncheon for your child’s best friends after synagogue. You could organize a family event in Israel in your daughter’s honour. But many families decide to throw a celebration for both friends and family at a party venue. This type of bat mitzvah party can be as individual as your girl.
Speeches are often part of the day; your daughter may have a bat mitzvah project to talk about, or thank yous to say, and family members or friends may have some words of wisdom to impart. You may decide to have other items on the program, too – a slideshow of photos featuring your daughter throughout the years, or a song sung by a talented aunt, for example. Many children like to include dancing, so a DJ or a band may be in order. And of course, you will want to feed your guests. Your options in this regard are numerous, from a small deli buffet lunch to a multi-course sit-down dinner. Don’t forget to order a bat mitzvah cake that fits your daughter’s personality!

Selecting a Venue

When you’re choosing a venue for a bat mitzvah party, there are a number of criteria to consider:
  • Cost. First, make a rough budget for the event. Then contact various venues to see if they offer bar and bat mitzvah packages. You may be surprised to find affordable ways to celebrate in style.
  • Food. Be sure to consider only venues that have a top-notch kosher kitchen; the quality of the food is an important aspect for everyone. Decide how formal you want the occasion to be, and ask to see sample menus.
  • Location. You’ll want a location that’s easy to find, not too far outside the centre of the city, and that has the right capacity for your guests. A room that’s too large makes the party seem poorly attended, but one that’s too small can be uncomfortable.
  • Décor. If you choose a facility that isn’t attractive, you’ll have to spend a lot of time decorating it to look festive. Choose a beautiful venue, and concentrate on other aspects of the party.

The Eglinton Grand

A splendid venue for an elegant bat mitzvah is the Eglinton Grand, a beautifully-restored art déco theatre in the heart of Toronto. With dazzling interior design that features mahogany, ebony, and marble, this architectural gem makes any party glamourous. State-of-the-art sound and lighting help you create the mood you want. In addition, the Eglinton Grand is renowned for its in-house kosher cuisine, which is served on Royal Doulton china.
If you’re planning your daughter’s celebration, look into the bat mitzvah options available from the Eglinton Grand in Toronto. Make her special day an occasion she’ll remember for the rest of her life.